United States of Antarctica is the biggest ripoff in history. Paroding a character, or country is one thing, but ripping-off another person's work and claiming it to be your own is no good.

States Edit

Big Head State (AKA Eastshield) Edit

Eastshield thinks its all that, but its not! Eastshield is the biggest and richeset state east of the United States of Antarctica. It's state capital is Fathead.

Hopperland (AKA Sub-Antarctic) Edit

Hopperland is a state ceded to the USA in 2002. It is a fascist stae ruled by the ruthless dictator Rockhopper.

Cheeseburger Land (AKA Antarctic Peninsula) Edit

Make you obese.

State of Snobs (AKA Trans-Antarctica) Edit


|-|@|>|>-/|=@(3 $7@73 (AKA Happyface State)Edit


Forgotten State No-one cares about (AKA Weddell)Edit


Lame Cold War Pun State (AKA West Pengolia)Edit

Full of Fish-Slapping but God-fearing Capitalist.

Other Lame Cold War Pun State (AKA East Pengolia)Edit

Full of Godless Commies!

Sescesionists (AKA New North Etana)Edit

Left the Doble Islands (Spelled wrong because map-maker was a noob) Gained Independance only after 20 years a harsh and unforgiving war. At war with President Billybob Lincoln.

SUPERpENGUIN! EAT CHEESE (AKA Non existing state)Edit

It lies above Secessionists and, look at THAT! A Boob! HAHAHAHA! BOOBS! I SEE A BOOB! HAHAHAHAH! IT DOSEN'T EXIST! 1 SQUARE FEET! HA!

Free RepublicsEdit



Azuza MostafiqueEdit

SAY What?!?! anyway it is populated by Al Gore fans (ie Hippies)

Geek EmpireEdit

Creative, ingenius, LAME parody of the Greek Empire.

Margret Antantic Missle BaseEdit

Harbors East Pengolian Nukes. Yes all the nukes of East Pengolia... or the Commie Land! Led by Margret Sanchez (Who is an illegal mexican-Immigrant)

Warm StatesEdit

This place is so warm... your mama can't even live there! HAHAHAHA! HA!

1,000,000 othersEdit


Major CitiesEdit

South Pole CityEdit

Capital. Completly destroyed after the Lutswaffe bombing during WWII. Now a City of Corrupt government and Scandal.

Club PenguinEdit

Explorer 767 lives here. 'Nuff Said.


Ripped off Surf's up!


There are a total of 2,876,395,080,652,573 places in the USA named with the prefix Peng or Pengu followed by a common suffix. (notable ex. Pengu Town, Penguville, Peng City, Pengopolis, Pengboob (home too Pengbob Squarepants), Pengstupidsville, and Peng Writter's Block Town.)


City completly destroyed by a nuke from Marget Antarctic Islands. Even though an H-Bomb exploded on a densly poplated nuculear waste facility and leveled everything within 200 miles from the bomb site, the worst injury was a paper cut and sore tummy.


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