The charming town of Shoop da Whoop is a small country town. It has only one house in it, which has been passed down through the Number family. First, 0987654321 owned it, then 1237890456 owned it, then 1029384756 owned it, and now 1234567890 owns it, but he moved to Story.Subject Wiki. People believed that ghosts and goblins live within the walls of Number Manor.

The Shoop da ShopEdit

When 1237890456 owned Number Manor, he turned it into a store called the Shoop da Shop. He sold roasted bread to everyone until all the Penguins who came had Toast allergies. 1237890456 still ate the roasted bread, until he realised that HE was allergic to it...RIP 1237890456...


1234567890 currently owns it, but doesn't live in it and doesn't give a damn 'bout it.

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