Welcome to the Hottest Minifigure Competition!!! Our judge today is none other than <st Cactus-echidna-GG himself!

Cactus-echidna-GG, very pleased that he's the judge.

The SelectionEdit

Ok folks, here are the piping hot Lego ladies!

Da Options!!!Edit

Option No.1Edit

Ivy lego

Option No.1, Poison Ivy!

Option No.1 is Poison Ivy! Ivy is very hot and is wearing nothing...but...leaves! If you have a leaf-blower that could come in VERY handy indeed! Poison Ivy will spend an evening's company with whoever picks her, bringing everything you see in her image, and everything you don't (because they're covered by leaves). Poison Ivy, Option No.1!

Option No.2Edit


Here she is, Catwoman!!

Option No.2 is.... Catwoman! This feline female is wearing black skintight leather right now and she is ready to pounce to whoever picks her! But watch out, she...bites. Option No.2, Catwoman!!!!!

Option No.3Edit


Option No.3 which is Bellatrix Lestrange!!

Option No.3 is the stunning Bellatrix Lestrange! She is also wearing black leather! If you need something improved for her, she can wave her wand and whatever you want gets bigger and better! Option No.3, Bella!!

Option No.4???Edit

Option No.4, a Mandrake?? Ummm....I think we shall skip that one <:D


Mandrake??? YUK!

It All Counts On Your Votes!!!Edit

Now, you are the voters! Add your vote here and the one with most votes...WINS!!! Well, what are you waiting for? Start voting!

  • $1.50 : Poison Ivy of course!
  • Nicholas Nority: WHAT?! They're all ugly! They should put a girl grape in there!
  • Ooga Booga: Oh that Mandrake is HOT!
  • Nicholas Nority: You're Kidding, right?
  • Ooga Booga: No Way!!
  • Black Mac: AAAH! So hard to choose! TWO of 'em are wearing black leather! Which one?

  • 1234567890: Poison Ivy please!
  • Black Mac: Soooooo hard!!
  • 1234567890: If you're gonna choose by clothing, Mac, choose Poison Ivy!
  • Black Mac: Bellatrix Lestrange!!
  • 1234567890: :(
  • Lord Voldemort: BELLATRIX LESTRANGE!!!
  • Ooga Booga: Ooooooh, how I would LUV to marry that Mandrake!
  • 1234567890: But the Mandrake's ugly!!
  • Ooga Booga: GASP! That Mandrake is NOT ugly! I will reek revenge!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Real Sthomas: Meh I'm not into woman. I'm not voting AND IF SOMEONE VOTES FOR ME I WILL GET THEM!
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