Template:Disambiguation A Penguin is the main sort of creature which inhabitats Antarctica and several other islands above and below. It exist in few forms:

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  • Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae), a normal penguin which are one of the most common forms of penguin in Antarctica.
  • Khanz Penguin (Eudyptula heuistasubitariumutdoleo) , endemic to Pengolia. The only creature with square eyes.
  • Dorkugese Penguin (Callidus apparatus) a nerd species whom physical charesteristics are of that of Adelie Penguins.
  • Jerk Penguin (Callidus convertiistemilitispuer), Latin for "smart rotate that soldier boy"), a type of penguin who bullies nerds. Strangely, they are closely related to the Dorkugese, so much that they share the same genus.
  • Preptactular Penguin (Callidus pecuniosusquodvilis) another species of penguin with the same genus of the Dorkugese and The Jerks. They seem to enjoy bullying Dorkugese, but are also bullied by Jerks. They're easily identified by their posh clothing and accents similar to Lichemblossome Terns.
  • Southern Kanta Penguin (Meridianus Scientiautteneototus): The southern variety of Kanta Penguins. They use technology in large amounts like the Dorkugese, but use it to create more interesting items such as a tree that grows mullets and a radar that gives off a siren if there are any Doom Knights in the area. They refuse to cooperate with their northern variety, as do the the latter.
  • Northern Kanta Penguin (Severus Virtusutmosperpes): The northern variety of Kanta Penguins. Unlike their southern counterparts, Northern ones are more barbaric, not using technology and reside in some of the harshest areas in The Antartic.
  • Ford Penguin, an extremely dangerous penguin whom Bullies worse than the dark.
  • Dark Penguin, the most dangerous penguin ever. It hurts anyone. However, they are not bullies, only when someone angers them seriously.
  • Mwa Mwa Penguin, (Pygoscelis adeliae turpitudo), a subspecies of Adelie Penguin, the third word is Latin for deformity.
  • High Penguins, (Licentiabellatoris babae) an endangered species of large penguin that live long and had created the Elemental Amulets. King Triskelle and Goldberry are some of the few remaining.
  • PWNguin. A race of penguins that PWN in every game known to penguinkind.
  • Super Penguin. Penguins that have Super Penguin powers. Their charesteristics are gained manually and not by traits or birth. They could relate to any other species, therefore making it a sub-species.

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