A "Mwa Mwa Penguin" (Pygoscelis adeliae turd') is supposed to be destroyed.


Slang and Translation Edit

  • Mwa Mwa/mommy/mwommy = Mother
  • Dah Dah/da da/Doddy/Waddy = Father
  • Iggy/Igwoo = Igloo
  • Tum Tum = Stomach ache and/or food
  • Hwi/Wello = Hi
  • Woo= You
  • Broder= Brother, a very unfortunate creature.
  • Sissy/Sissa/sista= Sister, also Quite unfortunate
  • Meanie= Mean Penguin, but hero to us all.

Examples Edit

I loves chocwates. Chocwates is yummy. I wove to sing songs and eat pwie.

This an expemplary quote of the Mwa Mwa Penguin dialect.

Notable Mwa Mwa Penguins Edit

  • so many, but hopefully not for long

Servants Edit

Along with Mwa Mwa Penguins come a whole leigon of slaves and staff of all kinds. Penguins would come to the pet shop and have penguins "hire" them to help with their Mwa Mwa Penguins. Usually the people who hire them pretend to have great wealth.

  • Butler: Butlers are often Hired by penguins. They come to clean the igloo, pretend to make food, ask who it is when a penguin enters, and they sometimes help with a Mwa Mwa Penguin.
  • Maid: Maids are like butlers, however, they are always females and they clean.
  • Chef/Cook: Chefs (sometimes called cooks) are penguins who are hired to "make food" for the owner of the igloo.
  • Creepy Butler: They have the same duties as a standard butler. They commonly speak in third person language, and refer to their owner as "master" or "mistress". Many babies are afraid of these. They may be based off of various detective stories, of which "the butler did it". These have a nineteenth century air about them, and often dress in a similar manner.

Trivia Edit

  • Some Mwa Mwa Penguins were members of the Str00del Force, but left when they started fighting against Darktan.
  • Mwa Mwas often want Petguins.
  • A method of trickery some penguins use is putting on the Ghost Sheet and yelling, "BOO!!!".
  • They're also afraid as Ninjas.
  • They try to sneak into the borders of Scoodlepeep, like Petguin's
  • they are not all bad, considering they eat their own dirty diapers.
  • They're in the Penguin World Records for most annoying.

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