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Explorer 767 is a wacky penguin who runs about the streets squirting people with canned cheese. Exactly why he does this is unknown, but experts suggest that a close encounter with a flying bathtub may have caused his instability and obbsession with pressurized dairy.

He is not to be confused with his trans-dimensional brother, Explorer 767.

Background Edit

Explorer's parents were homeless most of their lives, but they loved and cared for their child. When the parents ran off to frolic with dancing footstools, Explorer would be left alone for a few hours each day until his parents returned with their food.

Explorer passed the time juggling palm trees and giving park benches a shower. When the family was together, they would head to the homeless shelter and play bingo for hours on end.

The family loved each other dearly, spending their days with one another. Sadly, his parents died when he was young, leaving him in the care of his rich and loving brother, that Fred guy.

There, Explorer learned important things like what the square root of a Volkswagon is and how to craft flying trousers.

That Fred guy also taught him the secret art of ice cream-based origami and how to make an airplane out of underwear. These valuable lessons helped Explorer become the successful, canned cheese squirting seashell seller he is today.

Explorer met his first flying bathtub on the way to Penguin Club. It told him to spray cheese at everyone so that their livers may obtain eternal bliss.

Onvolvement Edit

Explorer is a crowd favorite in Penguin Club. Everyone adores getting their televisions and themselves squirted with cheese. Their livers demand it.

Explorer also became the town's resident psychic; penguins would come from miles around to learn the future of their telephone poles.

In his free time, Explorer does what he did as a youth: juggling palm trees and bathing park benches.

When askeð if he thinks his life is good, he responds "Yep, and my pancreas couldn't be more purple.". That, however, is a story for another day.

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